Tungsten Putty Holder

Sinkers, lead weights and putty are often used on the rig to enhance it. However, a lot of weight is needed to really have an effect on hooking a fish. For this, tungsten putty is an indispensable product simply because it has a higher density than lead.

The downside is that you often lose your putty during the fight with a fish. From now on this is a problem from the past with help from the Tungsten Putty Holder; developed to keep your putty in place and allowing you to knead it in an aerodynamic shape.

By putting the Tungsten Putty Holder approximately 4-5 cm from the line-aligner you will considerably improve your hook-up rate. The whole rig is pinned down to the bottom perfectly! When you fish slightly longer rigs, simply use two and you will notice the effects!

Available in: Small and Large

Weight 10 g
Dimensions 12 × 4 × 1 cm


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Tungsten Putty Holder
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