About Pole Position

Innovative & Safe Carp products for the modern angler

We have the ambition to be the absolute innovator in carp fishing. The people who create the brand are flooded with creative energy and carp fishing is simply in their blood. We want to share this feeling with every carp angler.


We believe that people are the foundation for success. With a mix of dedication, creativity and passion, we make our products something we and our customers can be proud of. In addition to development, we focus on availability, service and warranty. Through this way of working we make it easy for the customer to trust in our products so they can concentrate on their hunt for more great fish.


Pole Position has the ambition to be the absolute innovator in carp fishing. The people who create the brand are flooded with creative energy and carp fishing is simply in their blood. We want to share this feeling with every carp angler.

You promote, and we reward you.

Are you a fan of Poleposition and/ or Grade and do you want to contribute to our success? Then we will reward you for this. For every sale you make, you receive a percentage of the proceeds.

How does it work?


Affiliate marketing works fairly simply. We work together with Webgains, a large affiliate program where you (the “publisher”) are registered with us (the “partner”). Via the Webgains platform you get access to all our products that you can place via a special link. On your website, social accounts or YouTube.

As soon as a visitor clicks on the link to view the product, a cookie is placed on his or her device. If this person orders this product or another product, you will receive a 8% commission from us. The customer has 90 days to do this, after which the cookie will be deleted.

Payouts take place via the Webgains platform, where you decide when you want your earnings paid out.

Have you become curious? And do you have confidence in your own skills?

To reward you as our new partner, we have put together a Pole Position introductory package that you can purchase at a very special price. This way, you can start promoting our products right away, which, of course, is beneficial for your wallet. Register now and start earning money today. Once registered, you will receive a secret link from us containing the Pole Position introductory package.

Step 1:

Watch out instruction video:

Step 2:

Go to: Webgains Publishers

Sign Up Webgains


Sign up and fill up these forms:

Note: The tab “Website Details” also includes Social Media (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok etc)



I have signed up to Webgains, what’s next?

These are the steps to follow once you have signed up:

1. Log in to the Webgains platform as a ‘Publisher.’


Choose “Publisher”


2. Click on ‘Advertisers’ in the menu. Search for ‘Pole Position Tackle UK.’ Leave the other fields empty. You should find Pole Position Tackle UK as an Advertiser. Click on ‘Join.’ After approval (this may take a few days), you can start earning.



3. Click on ‘Ads’ in the menu. A dropdown menu will appear. Click on ‘Create an ad.’

4. Select the program ‘Pole Position Tackle UK’ and then click on ‘URL only.’ In the field ‘Enter destination URL,’ enter the URL of the product. You can find this by selecting the product you want to promote on ‘Polepositiontackle.co.uk’ and copying its address. If you don’t want a visible link but prefer to use text to mask the link, fill in the field ‘Enter text.’

5. At the bottom of the screen, an HTML code or URL will appear, which you can use as a link. This link can be used in blogs, social media posts, or emails. When your followers click on the link, a cookie will be placed on their device. If your follower makes a purchase within 90 days, you’ll receive a whopping 8% commission on all the products they’ve purchased, even those for which you haven’t placed a link.

Are you ready to start earning money? Let’s go!”


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. Just send us an e-mail and we’ll be happy to help.

PPC policy

Affiliates are not permitted to advertise on the Pole Position or Grade brand name, variants of the brand name Poleposition i.e. or product names of the models. It goes without saying that it is allowed to advertise on generic search terms, such as; rods, luggage, carp clothing etc..

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What is affiliate and the Pole Position Partner Program?

A: Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing where individuals or businesses promote products or services and earn a commission for each sale or lead generated through their referrals. The Pole Position Partner Program is our specific affiliate program tailored for those interested in promoting our fishing products and earning commissions.


Q: I’m not a pro angler, is that okay?

A: Absolutely, every angler is welcome to join our program as a partner. You don’t need to be a professional angler to benefit from our partner program.


Q: Do I create content or can I find it somewhere?

A: It’s entirely up to you. You can create your own content to promote our products, or you can use the content provided by us. You’re welcome to use all our visual materials, which can be found on our website, our social media channels, or in the Webgains program.


Q: What is Webgains?

A: Webgains is an affiliate marketing platform that facilitates partnerships between advertisers (like us) and publishers (like you). It allows you to promote our products and earn money through commissions on sales or leads generated through your referrals.


Q: How do I earn money?

A: Affiliate marketing is quite simple. Create content for Pole Position, add the correct tracking link, and share it on your social media, website, or YouTube channel. If someone clicks on your link and makes a purchase within 90 days, you’ll receive a percentage of the total amount they spend.


Q: How do I get paid and by whom?

A: Payment is handled by Webgains and will be deposited into the bank account you’ve provided.


Q: Is it safe to share my bank details?

A: Yes, Webgains stores this information securely.


Q: How much can I earn?

A: The amount of commission you earn partly depends on your efforts. Of course, your earnings are influenced by your website visitors, but the more effectively you convince people to buy our products, the more you can earn. There’s no limit to the Pole Position affiliate program.


Q:  How do I sign up?

A: Follow the steps on this page


Q: What else do I need to sign up?

A: You need. the following to sign up for our partner Program: 1) Personal Information (Name, Adress and Postal code), a bank account number in the UK and a platform on which you will publish such as your own website, a YouTube channel or any social media platform.


Q: How long does the sign-up process take?

A: A couple of minutes to fill in all the forms


Q: How should I best sign up? (desktop)

A: Follow the steps on this page


Q: I can’t find Pole Position, can you help me?

A: If you’re finding difficulties to find Pole Position, please go to “Programms” and search for “Pole Position”. We’re the only one which will show up.


Q: Am I a publisher or advertiser?

A: You’re a Publisher


Q: I don’t have a website, what now?

A: No worries, you can also join the partner program with a Youtube channel of social media account (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc)


Q: How do you create a shareable link?

A: Go to the Ads manager (see image), select “Deep Link Creator”, select the program, place the link (URL) of the specific product in “Destination URL”. The Deep Link will be created and just click “Copy Link”. Place this link on your website, social media or YouTube description and you’re ready.



Q:  Is this per product or just for the website?

A: You may decide this at your own discretion. Our advice is to do this on a per-product basis. This way, your visitor will directly land on the promoted product whitout having to search through our webshop first.


Q: Where is the best place to share links?

A: This really depends on your own content. The best way is to find out where you have the biggest following base.