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Pole Position Tungsta Hook Shot

Do you frequently loose fish because of a bad hook hold?

A carp fishing self-hooking system is designed to automatically set the hook, when a carp takes the
bait, reducing the need for an angler to strike manually. The used rig and rig components play a
crucial part in successfully playing and landing a carp.
When a carp picks up the bait and begins to move off with it, the rig stretches. The (semi) fixed lead
weight provides the necessary force to drive the hook point into the carp’s mouth when it
encounters resistance while moving away with the bait. The moment the rig is fully stretched, the
hook will set due to the (lead) weight resistance. The hook turning capability of the rig determines
where the hook will penetrate in the carp’s mouth.

Get your Pole Position Tungsta Hook Shot now 


You can make the difference!

That moment when the hook point penetrates the fish’s mouth tissue is worth it’s wait in gold. This is
the moment YOU can make the difference! This is the one second that determines whether the carp
hooks itself successfully in the bottom of its mouth or not!
What we all want is for the hook point to penetrate in the bottom of the mouth as that is strongest/
toughest part of a carp’s mouth. A #SharpAsFck hook is a must, but also the use of a line aligner, a small extra weight on your rig (QC Heavy Sinker) and a Hookshot plays an important role here.






Fast turning of the hook(point) matters!

Carp anglers have been trying to influence that moment when the carp picks up the bait for years
and years. The used rig plays a crucial part and already more than fifteen years ago Frank Warwick
started to use a ‘shot on the hook’. The idea was to place a small weight in the bent of the hook
(above the point) so the hook point would fall to the bottom of the carp’s mouth and turn quickly
after the bait was picked up by a carp. He used a piece of bait floss around the tread of the hook to
pinch a lead shot above the hook point. In this way the shot should stay in position during use and
could slide along the shank of the hook as soon as the hook penetrated the carp’s mouth. In that way
it could not prevent the hook from penetrating fully. This worked in some cases, but the problem was
and is still is that the bait floss doesn’t stay in position very well during use/casting. With the help of
the Pole Position hookshot a small weight (an environment friendly tungsten ball with a thin and soft
plastic coating) can be slided over the hook point towards the bent of the hook. This ready to go
hookshot is fixed to a special rack and the only thing that needs to be done is to stick the hook point
in the special cilinder and pull the hookshot away from the rack. The bore of the cilinder is tight
enough to keep the hookshot in position during use/casts, but allows the hookshot to move as soon
as the hook point penetrates the carp's mouth. Just as user friendly as we like it!

Get your Pole Position Tungsta Hook Shot now 


Get your Pole Position Tungsta Hook Shot now 

Rigs of your choice

The good thing is that with the help of this hookshot you are able to increase the hooking potential
of almost any rig, even a ready tied rig you buy in the store. As it’s never a disadvantage it’s almost a
must have on any rig and the good thing is that it can be re-used if your hook turns blunt after

hooking a fish. Just remove the hookshot from the blunt hook and store or re-use it for your next rig.
Tip: In case of a barbed hook it’s wise to pinch the barb before removing the hookshot.
As these hookshots come in two sizes (an 0.37gr and an 0.5 gr version) you can use them for
different kind of rig set-ups. The small size goes very well with hook sizes 6 and 8 combined with a
small to medium sized sinking hook bait. The bigger size hookshot is recommended for hook sizes 4
and 2, medium-large sinking hook bait and also gives you the opportunity to hold a 10-15mm pop-up
boilie close to the ground/bottom and creating a balanced hook bait while putting your hook in Pole
Position (hook point towards the lake bottom and a shank which is lifted up by a pop-up boilie or
another bouyant hook bait). Don’t forget to test your rig and see if your buoyant hook bait really is


Nowadays there are also a few alternatives for the first shot on the hook from Frank Warwick. These
consist out of teardrop shaped, black colored, tungsten loaded beads which can be slided on the
hook to create the extra weight we spoke about. As these beads only hold a small percentage of
tungsten the volume is quite big and that makes it less subtle which is really important to a lot of
carp anglers. The Pole Position hookshot contains a 100 procent tungsten ball (it doesn’t become
more heavy than that!) to keep it as subtle as possible while the translucent silt, soft plastic outer
coating gives it a well camouflaged appearance. To trick even the wariest of carp a thing to consider!
So many reasons to give this little, but effective help a try and good luck hooking up!

Get your Pole Position Tungsta Hook Shot now 

Get your Pole Position Tungsta Hook Shot now 

Team Pole Position

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Pole Position Tungsta Hook Shot
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